To accommodate your dynamic demands in current advertising business context, the Media Production with exceptional high quality, modernity and expeditiousness has been laid down and leveraged as our core values. At Q Ads, hence, we promptly provide you with our complete solution of Media Production for indoor and outdoor advertising media
(One Stop Service Production House)


Printing Service via Digital Inkjet Printing System

We have newest models of International standard Digital Printing Systems with the highest resolution of 4,000 dpi; consequently, the quality of finished works is sharp and crystal clear even seeing from a far distance. Plus, the printed output is highly durable and highly compatible with Thailand’s Climate and Environment. Our Printing Service supports large size Medium printing seamlessly, upto 5 meters in width. Our Productions and Services support high volume Production with professional installation services by our skillful installation teams. We also provide various kinds of printing material, certified by leading institutions, for your selections i.e. Sticker, Vinyl , PP Board, Foam Board, Light-Box Laminating Film, Duratran, Wallpaper, Fabric, Pulp Paper, Tyvex, YUPO and many more.

Printing Service via Digital Offset System

Our services also cover the Digital Offset Printing with Modern Printing System supporting multiple types of printing works; for instance, Leaflet, Brochure, Book, Journal, Manual, Name Card, Stationary, Calendar and various sizes of Packaging Production.


       Design Service and R&D

Offering the Creative Design work for AdvertisingMedia in a very Different and Distinctive Fashion,Q Ads utilizes the newest computing technology in our design works. By Adding LED Lighting System to create impact and exposure differently during Daytime and Nighttime, or adding other special techniques and effects to the Finished Outputs, we aim to escalate your advertisements to be far beyond normal Billboards out there.

Structural Supports and Special Size 3D Mock-Up System Services

Besides Offering Billboard Structural Supports, Letter Box, Extremely Lean
Structured Light Box, Interior Design Service, to conform a distinguish
character of media to extensively reach out and draw attentions of Target
Audience, Q Ads has introduced the Structure Support Services with LED
Lighting System and Special Size 3D Mock-Up allied with our Print Services.
And, in every production processes, Skilled and Experienced Engineers
closely supervise and seek for the optimized quality assurance.